100% Meat Based

PlantFood is the pioneering brand in Malaysia that produces fully organic meat based fertiliser.

22 Types of Amino Acids

High protein from meat provides essential amino acids, increasing bioavailability of essential nutrients.

Slow Release

Slow release ensure efficient transportation of nutrients from soil to plant.

Microbes & Probiotics

Enriched with beneficial microbe and probiotics to promote healthier plant by keeping pathogen at bay.

No Animal Manure

Animal manure free product that is safe and hygienic.

Trunk & Roots

Enriched with bone meal, the Trunk & Roots fertiliser is an excellent source of calcium, which strengthens the trunk and roots of plants. It’s highly encouraged to fortify the plant’s foundational structure for optimal absorption of nutrition and water, ultimately leading to improved overall health and growth.


Leaf is a vital component of any plant care routine, thanks to its high nitrogen content. It facilitates the production of chlorophyll, protein synthesis, and cell division, leading to a vibrant and healthy foliage.


Flower is a crucial component in promoting plant growth and development thanks to its high potassium content. It plays an important role in regulating water balance and enhancing nutrient uptake, while also strengthening the plant’s immune system to resist diseases.


Fruits are a valuable source of energy and nutrients that play a crucial role in supporting the plant’s production cycle, ensuring the plant reaches its full potential.


As time goes by, the soil can become compacted and drained of nutrients, making it difficult for plants to access crucial elements for healthy growth. It rejuvenates the soil, providing the plant with the necessary nutrients and water it needs to thrive.